Emergency Trucktrailer Coach
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Mishaps/Breakdowns occur anywhere, anytime. Downtime leads to delays and frustration burden of rescheduling delivery dates and potential loss of customers who are business for the economic well-being and survival of trucking companies. Breakdown in the middle of the night and on the highway can frustrating experience for drivers and dispatchers alike.

we have to serve our own fleet of service vehicles and mobile truck dealers and workshops to our customers in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Make a call toll-free number 1-800-398-1666 and trust us should your margins.

Truck Breakdown Repair coordinated mobile truck, trailer and coach Breakdown and recovery services throughout the United States and Canada. However, it has its own fleet of service vehicles & mobile mechanics in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Truck Breakdown Repair offers 24 hour roadside assistance, on-site repair tractor trailer truck fleet and contract services.

Our Services include the following:

  • All makes/models of tractor trailer trucks and have extensive training for electronic engine controls. 60 Series Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Cat, and Mack Diagnosis available
  • Mobile Truck Repair Shops
  • Mobile Trailer Repairs
  • Onsite Truck Repair
  • Mobile Coach Repair Service
  • Towing and Recovery Services
  • Mobile Reefer/Heater Repairs
  • Boost (Hot Start System) Services
  • Lock-out Services
  • Onsite Diesel Delivery Services
  • Mobile Welding & Mechanical Services
  • Electrical System (Batteries, Alternators & Starters)
  • Lights & Light Wiring Repair
  • Air Compressors & All Air Components
  • Air Bags & Leveling Valves
  • Most Suspension Springs on Trucks & Trailers
  • Trailer Breakdown Repair
  • Minor Trailer Roof Leaks
  • Trailer Floor & Door Repair
  • Landing Gear Repair & Replacement
  • Trailer liftgate service, diagnosis and repairs done "On Site"
  • Water Pumps, Radiators & Cooling Components
  • Turbo & Charged Air Coolers
  • Onsite Computer Diagnostics
  • Basic Engine Work
  • Minor Transmission Repairs
  • Preventive Maintenance & Tune-up
  • Minor Engine Repairs
  • Dive Train-U Joints, Seals & Bearings Repairs
  • Brakes, Brake Chambers & Components
  • Suspension & Drive train Repair
  • Radiator, Hose & Belt Service
  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service
  • Hydraulic Service
  • Mud Flaps